Aman Al Hayat

Protect Your Family Within Your Means

Bank Audi and Middle East Insurance bring to you a life insurance plan covering the insured person for a predefined sum over a certain period.

  • Coverage in case of natural or accidental death
  • Coverage starting at JOD 10,000 with a maximum of JOD 50,000
  • Coverage starts within 48 hours

  • Low monthly premium starting at JOD 2
  • Direct monthly debit from Bank Audi account

  • Peace of mind: a reliable plan to provide you with adequate coverage
  • 24h worldwide coverage: stay safe all the time, whether you are in Jordan or abroad
  • Automatic monthly renewal of policy
  • Pre-signed contract delivered on the spot

For further information, visit your nearest Bank Audi branch
or contact our Customer Help Desk on 06-4604040

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