Audi On-Line

Instant Online Transfers:
No More Commuting! No More Hassle!

Bank Audi offers you a fast and reliable Internet Banking service: Audi On-Line. It is an automated service that allows you to access and manage your accounts at Bank Audi round the clock through the Internet, no matter where you are.

Simply activate your account and log on to our website

Save valuable time on your banking transactions while enjoying total safety and privacy.

  • Check your account summary
    • Inquire about account balances
    • Examine all transactions carried out on your account between any 2 dates
    • Sort transactions by date, amount and nature
    • Download and save transactions
  • Transfer money between your accounts at Bank Audi (between same account’s PLs).
  • Card bill payment
    • Settle your monthly card dues for MasterCard and Visa cards

  • 24/7 worldwide service
  • Greater convenience
  • Access and control over your Bank Audi accounts

For further information, visit your nearest Bank Audi branch
or contact our Customer Help Desk on 06-4604040

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